Delegate FAQs


Are you interested in applying as a delegate for the inaugural AVYLD 2017 dialogue or would like to know further details of the program?
Well, look no further as we’re ready to answer all of your questions right here! We will update this post as we get more questions.

Q: Do I have to be Australian-Vietnamese or Vietnamese or Australian to apply?

A: Absolutely not! As long as you are interested in the Australia-Vietnam bilateral relationship, we do accept applications from everyone regardless of ethnicity, nationality and race. In fact, we are more interested in a diverse cohort so it doesn’t matter whether you are American, Chinese, Italian or Polish ethnicity, as long as you have an interest in both Australia and Vietnam, we encourage you to apply!

Q: Do delegates have to pay to attend the dialogue?

A: The AVYLD inaugural dialogue will cover all expenses for delegates to travel to Sydney including return airfare tickets, hotel accommodation, transport, entrance fees as well as food and drink for the four day program.

Q: Must delegates attend the full 4 day program?

A: Delegates are required to attend the four day dialogue and will be asked to make suitable calendar arrangements once delegation has been confirmed.

Q: How do I get involved if I am outside the 25 – 35 age bracket?

A: The age requirement is there so that we can make conversations at the dialogue productive and a great experience for our delegates. While we believe that leadership is not about age, from our experience, maturity is important and one needs to have a strong conviction to make the most of initiatives such as AVYLD.

If you are above the age of 37, you may apply as a mentor via the newsletter. As a growing organisation we are continually looking for guidance to add value and experience to our network.

If you are 23-37 year old (2 years out of the age bracket), we do encourage you to apply anyway if you think you have a great idea, conviction and energy to help improve Australia-Vietnam relations. If someone is exceptional and have remarkable success and can add a lot of value to the dialogue experience, we are always willing to break this rule! Feel free to email us info [at] to see if you’re eligible.

If you are below 23 year old threshold, unfortunately you’ll have to wait. In the meantime, think about how you can contribute to Australia’s and Vietnam’s future by taking some actions. Once you meet the age requirement, your application will be a lot stronger and we’re likely to accept you as a delegate. Other conferences and initiatives that are catered to those below 25 years of age include: Clinton Global Initiative University, One Young WorldKairos Society, Oaktree Foundation.

Q: What do the projects entail?

A: AVYLD and its network facilitate and support delegates with new initiatives and projects to get them off the ground or help with scaling existing initiatives and projects for maximum impact. We’re also working with our partners to provide opportunities for delegates to cross-collaborate as well as assist with leads for potential mentorship. Projects may include:

Start up Projects: We give advice and information on the Australia and Vietnam startup space as well as information on business and trade between the two countries.
Academic & scientific Research: We can link you to universities and leads who may be working in your field of research
Not-for-Profit & Social: We can help you be a platform to raise awareness for your NPO organisation
The arts & Culture: We can support and give advice or connect you to our advisors as well as advise on the cultural differences and sensitivities of Vietnam and Australia.  

Q: Who is supporting the AVYLD and delegates?

A: The organisation and dialogue is backed by the Australian Government via the Australia-ASEAN Council and other partners including UTS:INSEARCH, Muru-D, EY,Bluescope Steel Vietnam, Horwood Partners, CPA Australia, Asia Society Australia and StudyNSW, NSW Government Department of Premier and Cabinet, Advisory board and Steering Committee.

Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers and the nitty gritty of logistics. Alternatively, you can contact Anthy Nguyen for any further questions and queries at anthy [at]

  • TIEN

    AVYLD requires English proficiency with a minimum IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. If i dont have any certification,can I apply for AVPLD ?

    • Anthy Nguyen

      Hello Tien,
      The IELTS 6.5 level is the English fluency standard that is required for communication purposes at the dialogue and beyond. If you believe
      that your English is proficient enough, then I recommend that you apply and we will be able to come to an understanding
      via a skype interview if your application is shortlisted.

  • Tran Thi Thanh Binh

    I was born on 15 November 1981, so I was fully 35 a few days ago:). I’m working for the local government in Vietnam with IELTS of 7.5 this year. So am I qualified to apply for this?
    Thanks so much.
    Binh Tran

    • Anthy Nguyen

      Hi Binh,
      Yes, you are eligible to apply for the dialogue. All the best!