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Adjunct Professor

Western Sydney University

In 2003, Trung Qui Ly co-founded Pho24 restaurant chain. At its peak, there were 60 restaurants across Asia and Australia including in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. He sold the company in 2011 and in the same year, VnExpress readers voted Trung as one of the 50 game changes of the country.

Trung is now the Managing Diretor and co-founder of Nam An Group that owns and operates several food and beverage businesses in Vietnam. Since 2013, Trung relocated to Sydney and he recently opened two Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney.

Trung has also authored several books including a brand-building guide for SMEs, an autobiography, two books about franchising and most recently a book for Startups.

Trung has a PhD from the USA and a Masters and Bachelors degree from Australia. In 2016, he was appointed as Adjunct Professor by Western Sydney University and before that he was appoints Adjunct Professor by Griffith University.

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