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Director General

Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies

Le Dinh TINH is currently Director General, Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies and Board Member - Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV). Previously, he was Deputy Director General at the Bien Dong Institute for Maritime Studies. During 2013-2017, he was Political Counselor at the Embassy of Viet Nam in Washington DC. Before 2011, he also held other positions such as Deputy Director General of the Department of Policy Planning and Deputy Chief of the Cabinet - Viet Nam Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With a focus on Viet Nam foreign policy and Asia-Pacific security, his various publications have appeared on the Diplomat, Global Asia, East Asia Forum, ISEAS Perspective, RSIS Commentary, CSIS, Asia-Pacific Bulletin, the World Today-Chatham House, Maritime Issues, Interpreter, Routledge, Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies, Southeast Asian Affairs and domestic publishing houses. His latest book ”American Foreign Policy: A Neo-realist Interpretation and the Case of Vietnam since Normalization” was published in 2020. He has appeared on major media outlets such as VNA, NHK, SCMP, Sunday Guardian Live, Atlantic, HuffPost, and others. A frequent commentator on domestic and international media, he also speaks at policy fora in and beyond the country. He obtained his PhD from DAV, MPA from the University of Hawaii, was a degree fellow at the East West Center (funded by the ADB) during 2002-2004, and attended multiple training courses organized by the Ford Foundation, Asia Foundation and PISA-George Washington University from 2000-2005.

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