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Our planet and our human species are at a critical turning point. Rising inequality, gender inequality, climate change, environmental devastation has been the outcome of an outdated approach to how we do business, how we educate and fundamentally how we live. 

We believe that now, more than ever, young leaders need to take a leading role in social progress. That is why this year with the theme “Regeneration”, our program intends to challenge young leaders with new paradigms and shape their mind to think more deeply about their role and responsibility in supporting Australia, Vietnam and the bilateral relationship to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals




​From economic leadership to social leadership


The dialogue will focus on 'Regeneration' of the following themes:

The 2021 Dialogue was held virtually via Zoom from 5 to 9 September 2021.




​Redefining ownership

Finite resources of planet earth


Learn more about AVLD 2021’s program agenda and speakers in our Publication

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DAY 1  |  Radical Self-enquiry

The world is complex with constant crisis, yet there are no simple solutions to solving these complex problems. This session will encourage delegates to undertake a radical self-enquiry process, and explore leading with authenticity and vulnerability. Delegates get to explore the concept of mindfulness and authenticity in leadership and how it can help them become better leaders. They will have the opportunity to explore this through a one-on-one session with Peter Huynh and Ha Lam.

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DAY 2  |  Regenerate Yourself

The continual pattern of inequality (whether it be gender, sexual identity, class, socio-economic, location etc) is a constraint to the progress of both Australia and Vietnam: how can we be more inclusive of people with diverse backgrounds so we can unleash the great potential and opportunities across all communities? The discussion will specifically look at how we can disrupt norms that constrain the potential of, in particular, people of all genders and sexual identities. The discussion will consider the role men have to play in breaking down ideas about masculinity so that they are not constrained to narrow gendered norms or stereotypes that can cause men stress and harm. Panelists and delegates will consider the challenges and opportunities in their own national, social, workplace and family cultures to enable individuals to live their own identity, and ways that this can free themselves to help and be role models for others to promote equality for all.

DAY 3 | Regenerate Your Organisations and Communities

As environmental crises and the urgency to create ecological sustainability escalate, so does the importance of the interplay between ecology and economy. The panel discussion will explore the extent to which ecology and economy must intersect, the different ways in which we can tackle climate change and environmental crises, and the roles of the different actors in the climate change ecosystem. In conversation with our AVYLD alumni, delegates will unpack the ways in which they can accelerate their impact goal journey post dialogue. An informal and intimate discussion, delegates will have the opportunity to learn and hear from the AVYLD alumni about their journeys post dialogue.

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DAY 4  |  Regenerate Our Ecosystem

We cannot seek to solve our current problems by reacting against, or in some cases, perpetuating the patterns of the past. Alternative models and approaches do exist. As we strive to rebuild our economy and society to be more just, inclusive, and ecologically-sound, it is important to understand how each of us has a role to play in creating and advocating for groundbreaking but practical alternatives that are regenerative and distributive by design.

DAY 5 | Transforming Our Present and Future

The Australia-Vietnam relationship has never been stronger. Our strategic partnership has been enabled by mutually beneficial collaboration built on shared commitment, trust, and respect. As we look forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our two countries, the conversation between generations of leaders is critical to provide a timely and relevant answer to the question "How do we want the future of this friendship to look like?". Engaging with senior Australia and Vietnam's leaders, delegates will have the opportunity to share how they will continue to grow stronger ties between Australia and Vietnam spanning across sectors and industries.

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