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Jan 30, 2021


Events Coordinator role (x2)

We are looking for passionate volunteers who have worked in the event industry (or have agood understanding of the industry), those with qualifications in projects management, eventmanagement, or tourism. The Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating local eventsand work closely with core staff members of Emerge to establish strategic direction and help run Emerge on a daily basis: 

The event coordinator is required to attend a minimum 50% of our events both online and in-person.

Key tasks:

1. Pre-events period 

  • Work closely with core staff members and other volunteers (Media and Communication coordinators) on strategic and managerial responsibilities

  • Representthe sub-brand nameby acting as a contact point and communicate relevant information to other volunteers, core staff members and external stakeholders 

  • Provide exemplary customer service.

  • Provide regular updates to the supervisingthe sub-brand namecore staff member either via email, phone or other communication channels.

  • Handle other pre-events tasks as requested bythe sub-brand namecore staff.

2. Events period

  • Coordinate and oversee the operational of event

  • Provide excellent front-of-house service to patrons and screen issues that may occur

  • Manage incidents as required

3. Post events period:

  • Debrief and proactively provide significant input into our strategic direction for future events

We are looking for someone with:

  • Proactive and positive attitude

  • Dedication to create impact in the SDGs space

  • The ability to take initiative

  • Strong project management and organisational skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and personal skills

  • The ability to work autonomously and in a team

  • Good customer service skills 

Preferred but not essential:

  • Prior experience in events or have completed a course in event management

This is a unique and valuable opportunity for people who are serious about starting a career in not-for-profit sector. On completion of the role, you will have gained broad experience in various aspects of not-for-profit sector, events planning, administration, and project management to jump start your career. A certificate of completion for the role andprofessional reference will also be provided.


On going until 30th December 2021, minimum 6-month commitment.

  • You will be supplied with all necessary tools to complete all tasks given to you during the course of your role. It is expected to spend approximately 6-8 hours/ week. Hours dependant on how you work and coordinate your time and can be flexible to work around other commitments.

  • Workload is expected to increase exponentially from 8 hours/week to 15-16 hours/week in the 2 weeks leading up to the event. During the events, the Coordinator is expected to assist at the event.


  • Work closely with incredible young leaders across Australia and Vietnam as a part of our valued leadership team.

  • A chance to explore and better understand your own leadership journey

  • A chance to have strong positive social influence on the Vietnamese youth community and tackle relevant sustainable issues.

  • Development of career-driving skills and experience e.g. event planning, marketing promotion, scouting professionals for Emerge's events, and managerial operations.

  • Community! There are opportunities to network on a personal and professional level and make new friends of all kinds!


Emerge is a not-for-profit initiative created by The Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue (AVYLD) and for young Vietnamese, Vietnamese-Australians, Asian-Australians and more broadly, anyone who is identified as youth (from 18 years old to 24 years old) with a keen interest in the bilateral relationship between Australia and Vietnam. We empower youth through events and initiatives that help our target audience better understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals (S.D.G), with a particular focus on gender equality. 

We are run by a passionate team of volunteers including university students, young professionals and creatives. There are 4 pillars to our mission: 

  1. Sharing stories, experiences, and insights that help Vietnamese youth understand and navigate some of the critical sustainable issues that they face.

  2. Fostering a strong sense of community amongst young Vietnamese, Vietnamese-Australians, Asian-Australians and more broadly, anyone who is identified as youth (from 18 years old to 24 years old) with a keen interest in the bilateral relationship between Australia and Vietnam. 

  3. Connecting young Vietnamese to leaders, role models, and mentors.

  4. Embracing diversity and celebrating the achievements of youth in the social impact space.

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