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A former award-winning journalist, film-maker and broadcaster with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Dai stepped into the world of politics in 2008 standing as a candidate in the NSW State seat of Cabramatta where she caused historic swings turning it into a marginal seat.

Dai is Member of the Advisory Board of Multicultural NSW (formerly NSW Community Relations Commission). In September 2012 she was elected as Councillor to Fairfield City Council. Dai also serves as a director with STARTTS, the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors, and was Deputy Chair of the NSW Ethnic Communities Council.

Dai is passionate about increased representation of Asian Australian women and cultural diverse groups in mainstream institutions. Along with a group of committed and driven business and professional women and men, Dai formed the Diverse Australasian Women’s Network – DAWN – to create a space where these women, and men, can ‘lean-in’ as they embark on their individual challenges.

Dai believes there is a large number of talent within the diverse community in which we live, and in particular with the Asian Australian community, that is still yet to be tapped, and harnessed. DAWN, a non-profit association, is committed to encouraging and enabling Asian-Australians to take up senior leadership roles in the wider society and to see their representation increased across industry sectors, including business and government.

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