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Vinh Le


Vinh was appointed by the Vietnam Minister of Education & Training to be Vice Director General for the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences charged with preparing the National Education Development Strategy 2021 – 2030. He was also
appointed as a member of committee to reform the K-12 school curriculum in Vietnam.

Vinh has published more than 50 papers in international journals and is leading a research group at the University of Education (VNU) on developing the Vietnam Annual Report on Education. Vinh attained his PhD in Mathematics at Harvard University and was also awarded the Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching in 2010.

Vinh’s Achievements
• Awarded the UNSW University Prize for the best student in mathematics (2003)
• Led Vietnam to win 3rd prize in the International Math Olympiad in 2017
• A recipient of multiple distinguished international scholarships and fellowships
• Received first prize at Vietnam Young Talent in Science and Technology 2012 for lecturers

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