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Christian Bien


Christian Bien is the Co-Founder and CEO of Elucidate Education, an educational charity with a mission of ensuring all Australian students have access to the support they need to achieve at school. He leads an educational platform accessed by over 23,000 Australian users and 82,000 users worldwide. He is a recognised Chartered Accountant with over 4 years of commercial experience across Management Consulting and Corporate Development.

Christian was awarded the prestigious Westpac Future Leaders scholarship where he is currently studying a Masters of Entrepreneurship at the University of Melbourne. He also participated in the 2023 Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders for social enterprises, awarded semi-finalist for the WA Young Achiever Awards and founded Curtin Consulting Group, a not-for-profit student-led consulting group aimed at connecting high-achieving students to solving challenges experienced by WA not-for-profits.

Through AVYLD, Christian aims to explore how Elucidate can assist in accelerating the educational potential of Vietnamese students studying the Australian curriculum, and how links can be better made to foster further educational opportunities in Australia.

Christian lives by the motto “Always question your fear."

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