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Duc Hoang


Anh Duc is the Director of EdLab Asia Educational Research and Development Centre in Vietnam, the leading non-profit education hub in Vietnam designed to inspire educators, develop skilled researchers, and grow strong educational leaders. Since 2023, he is also the Northern Regional Director of the Education Sector (Khoi Nguyen Investments Group), in charge of the Canadian International School Lao Cai, and the Canada - Vietnam Language Center. He is a multilingual, adaptive, sustainable-learning educator and activist, who uses pedagogical approaches and leadership frameworks to explore and tackle tacit and explicit educational and social challenges.

Anh Duc graduated from FPT University, Maastricht School of Management, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and pursuing his PhD at RMIT University Vietnam. Having published 20 academic publications, Anh Duc has played critical roles in forming new educational policies with the Ministry of Education and Training, and international NGOs such as UNESCO and Unicef. Anh Duc has been instrumental in working with Microsoft to provide Vietnamese schools access to digital tools during COVID-19. He is also the author of several best-seller educational books.

Anh Duc lives by the motto “I live to learn how to live.”

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