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Hang Dao


Hang graduated from the Hanoi Medical University in 2011, was awarded her PhD in 2016 and is a fellow of the Hoc Mai Australia Vietnam Medical Foundation in collaboration with the University of Sydney. She is an experienced gastroenterologist, endoscopist and lecturer at the Hanoi Medical University with expertise in gastrointestinal endoscopy, liver cancer, and new focuses in gastroenterology. She is also part of the Editor Board Team of Asia Pacific Journal of Environment and Cancer, a leading medical publication in its field.

Hang established a leading research institute in Vietnam, the Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (IGH) and initiated projects to apply Artificial Intelligence to this field of medicine. Three years after the establishment, Hang and her team received three national grant projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology, one grant project from VinIF and participated in three international projects. Recognised for her success, Hang received the ‘Outstanding Lecturer’ award in 2020 by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and ‘Outstanding Doctor’ award by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

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