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Huan Tran


Huan is the Vice President of IDG Capital Vietnam, a leading investment firm focusing on developing extraordinary companies through expertise in private equity, venture capital and mergers and acquisitions. Huan is working with Australia’s CSIRO and Phu Yen government leaders on land-based farming of spiny rock lobsters, including the establishment of the hatchery production and development of the biosecurity land-based model through technology transfer.

In 2011, Huan co-founded Synectics, a Building Information Modelling (BIM) outsourcing company which participated in the process of writing BIM implementation guidelines with various levels of government agencies including the Prime Minister's office, the Ministry of Construction, and the Ministry of Transport. Huan is a graduate from the University of Southern California and participated in programs from both Stanford University and Harvard University.

Huan lives by the motto “Better to regret what you did, than regret what you didn't do.”

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