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Hung Duong


Hung is the Co-founder of Bar De Force Press, an independent press based in Saigon, dedicated to publishing Vietnamese contemporary fiction in the format of bilingual books. Hung bridges the gap between Vietnamese writers based in-country and diasporic Vietnamese and Global South writers, as well as international publishers and literary organizations. Overcoming challenges of COVID-19, Hung propelled new partnerships with the Philippines where we created an online journal documenting the plight of female artists in both countries, and with the Goethe Institute Ho Chi Minh City to organize a book tour/ exhibition that runs across three major cities of Vietnam.

Hung was selected for the Future Leaders Program in Australia organised by the Australia Council for the Arts in 2019-20. He was also part of the 2019 Rimbun Dahan Arts Residency at Selangor, Malaysia and selected for the Acts of Life residency organised by NTU-CCA in Singapore, MCAD in Manila and Goethe Institute in both Singapore and the Philippines in 2018.

Hung lives by the motto “Be like water: rest when you pool into a puddle, but be ready to burst through dams when the time comes.”

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