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Huy Nguyen


Huy is a humanitarian engineer, social entrepreneur and innovator. He is the Founder and CEO of the social enterprise Enabler Development, a training organisation delivering face-to-face disability awareness workshops led by people with disabilities.
He also created Enabler Interactive, a simulation training platform using gaming technology for disability and aged care workers.

Additionally, Huy co-founded a number of social enterprises such as Greatvenue, Makeshift Studio Co and is the advisor for Ability Mate, a tech startup up and open-source community inventing products for an inclusive society.

Huy’s Achievements
• Awarded the ACT Young Australian and the Australian National University Young Alumnus of the Year 2014
• Recipient of the Australia National Disability Award 2013
• Ambassador of the ATC Technology for the Ageing and Disability (TADACT)

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