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John Tran


John is a Vietnamese-American TV host, best-selling author, former professor, education consultant for K-12 schools, entrepreneur, as well as Co-founder and deputy general director of Next Media. Next Media is one of the largest media companies in Vietnam, owning assets across all media outlets including Onsports, a nationally broadcasted television channel as well OTT platforms.

John’s first literary work “John di tim Hung” now in its 8th edition has won numerous awards such as the Silver Medal for Best Book, has been enshrined in the National Library of Vietnam, and was featured as a writing prompt in the 2013 Vietnam national university entrance exam. The book is a satirical nonfiction about John’s 90 day journey walking on foot across Vietnam with no money to gain a better understanding of Vietnam and its people.

John lives by the motto “Legacy - how will people remember me once I'm gone”.

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