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Khuyen Bui


Khuyen is a PhD researcher, educator and thought-leader. As a PhD Candidate in Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Bayes Business School, his research is focused on the transformative process that founders, pioneers and community weavers go through when they bring together their worlds to change the way we work, live, love and play.

As an executive coach, he works with leaders to grow through joy and be the change they wish to see in the world. Khuyen has co-authored a book called “Not Being - the Art of Self- Transformation", where he explored how to help people live a more fulfilling life and more joyfully embrace the continuous process of self-transformation.

Khuyen loves interacting with a wide range of interesting people and takes joy in hosting gatherings & festivals that bring together changemakers, social impact agents and holistic community leaders who exclaim, “I am so glad to be here with you all!”

Khuyen lives by the motto “Forget about what you think you want. Instead, let life deliver at the door what’s beyond your dreams”-Richard Rudd.

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