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Nguyen Le


After reaching senior executive positions in the corporate sector, Nguyen left to pursue agribusiness. He is the Founder & Managing Director of Lefarm Co. Ltd, a company specializes in the investment, production, export and import of Vietnam agricultural products. The company successfully launched the locally-produced Cavendish bananas to major local supermarkets, as well as exporting to Japan and Korea. Nguyen promotes human development in the agricultural industry whilst committing greatly to sustainability practices. He wants to see the ‘Vietnam discount’ on agricultural products be minimised on world markets, through lifting standards in agribusiness.

He is also an advisor of several leading agricultural projects, primarily in fruits and animal feed sector in Vietnam.

Nguyen’s Achievements
• Actively helping the young talented generation commit to a sustainable agricultural career path, free of distractions from financial hardship
• Building partnerships with agriculture education institutions to lift standards and human capital in agribusiness

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