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Sen Nguyen


Sen is an investigative journalist, podcast and documentary producer. She writes features and analyses that unpack nuances and provide contexts of policies and developments of public interest, with a particular focus on marginalized populations from Vietnam and Southeast Asia. She has reported from four countries, Vietnam, Cambodia, the UK, and Australia.

Her work and broadcast commentary have appeared in South China Morning Post (SCMP), Al Jazeera, Thomson Reuters Foundation, CNN, Rest of World, ITV News, DW News, Arirang TV, among others. She is also currently a national consultant for the United Nations Development Programme where she is hosting and producing a bilingual podcast Descendants of Hai Bà Trưng, featuring women's frontline climate action and gender equality issues in their respective fields. Before venturing into freelancing, she worked as a staff reporter for VnExpress, Vietnam’s most read newspaper.

In 2020, she received a Merit Award from Oxfam and Asia Centre as one of the top 5 country finalists for the Journalism for an Equitable Asia Award for a story about the Covid-19 impact on migrant workers.

She lives by the motto “I don't need fans. I need readers” - Ed Yong.

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