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The Next 50 Years

The 2023 Dialogue will be held in person in Vietnam across the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City from 11 to 15 September 2023

The Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue delivers a Young Leadership Dialogue each year with locations rotating between the two countries. The Dialogue involves a five-day, residential program that brings together 20 highly influential, visionary, young leaders under 35 (10 from Australia and 10 from Vietnam). The program is an opportunity for Delegates to not only deepen the bilateral relationship but also undergo a transformative experience to accelerate their leadership skills and impact journey. Through the program and by being part of a powerful alumni network, Delegates will build the skills and connections to shape and strengthen their countries and the region in the coming decades.


This year the theme is "Evolution: The next 50 years". The program will challenge our Delegates  to think more critically and deeply about their role and responsibility in supporting Australia, Vietnam and the bilateral relationship. Delegates will address key issues and topics relating to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and reflect on how their respective countries and the bilateral relationship can continue to achieve sustainable development.


This is a particularly important year marking the momentous milestone of the 50th anniversary of the Australia-Vietnam bilateral relationship. The AVLD will be incorporating these celebrations into our programs and engagements this year.

Be The Change
The dialogue will focus on 'Evolution' of the following themes
Asset 15_3x.png

Access to knowledge and skills

Equal opportunities for all genders

Asset 14_3x.png
Asset 13_3x.png

Driving progress and development

Collaboration for sustainable development


In addition to the above themes, our Mekong Program in the 2023 Dialogue will demonstrate the important and strategic role Australia plays in supporting Vietnam’s socio-economic priorities in the Mekong region. The 2023 Dialogue will connect our Delegates with key stakeholders working to further the Australia-Vietnam bilateral relationship across Vietnam.



  • Aged between 25-35;

  • Have a demonstrated interest in Australia or Vietnam (ie. the country in which they do not permanently reside); and

  • Fluent in English

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated existing leadership qualities;

  • Demonstrated potential for significant impact in their country in the next 15 years;

  • Current or proposed initiatives with ties to Australia or Vietnam;

  • Commitment to participate in AVLD activities, including the ability to travel internationally/domestically; and

  • References and/or letter(s) of support from the community you represent.

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